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3906 Bell St. KCMO, 816.753.3600


Entrées are available anytime, lunch is served 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. only. Vegan, and Gluten Free request are common at our restaurant, we are glad to accommodate your special needs. Gratuity-18% for 6 or more, 20% for 20 or more guest. All prices subject to change.

Shrimp or Chicken Avocado Mango Salad

Pan-fried shrimp or crispy chicken tenders with fresh mango and avocado, mixed with mandarin oranges, carrots, beans sprouts, spinach, corn, cilantro, and fresh mint in a lightly spicy honey-curry dressing.

Crispy Pineapple Lemon Chicken

Crispy fried chicken topped with a sweet but tart, fresh pineapple lemon sauce

Shrimp, Scallops, Chicken, and Beef in a Fresh Jalapeno Basil Sauce

Seafood, beef and chicken are stir-fried with green, red, and jalapeno peppers in basil. Served in a chili pepper sauce. An original GK favorite.

General Tso’s Chicken

Dark chicken is marinated in milk, seasoned with secret spices and flavorings, lightly breaded and then fried crisp on the outside, tender on the inside. Served with a rich brown sauce. Voted the best Tso’s in town by Pitch weekly readers.

Seafood curry with eggplant

Shrimps, scallops, squid, fish, mussels, chicken, and eggplant in a creamy curry sauce

Wild Norwegian Mackerel Fried Rice with Edamame and Egg

GK Combo Fried Rice

Chicken, beef, shrimp, yellow onion, peas, carrot, scallion, and eggs.

Shrimp, Snow Peas, Broccoli and Mushrooms in White Sauce

Shrimp, broccoli, mushrooms and snow peas in a white sauce with ginger, scallions and white wine. Mild and tasty.

Black Pepper Beef

Choice Flank Steak stir fried with green and red bell peppers, and yellow onions in savory brown sauce.

Sesame Chicken

Breaded chicken white meat with just a hint of crispness. Served with a mildly sweet sesame brown sauce.

Double Delight with Chef Hot Pepper Sauce

Sautéed shrimp, chicken and vegetables in garlic, onion, and tomato base sauce. This sauce is spicy with a hint of smoky sweetness.
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